sarahSarah Michelle Harris is a graduate from the College of Charleston School of the Arts in Charleston South Carolina. Her work has shown at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, North Charleston Arts Festival and other Charleston Venues. Growing up she Sarah ventured into theater and creative writing. It was not until her early 20’s she fell into the visual arts and grew a passion for painting. 

Inspired by the unpopular parts of Charleston, Sarah studies the decay of abandoned buildings in her city. Sarah views Charleston in a different light. She studies the historic buildings that remain untouched, unseen and unheard.  

“The abandoned buildings in our city with rotting exteriors have an unusual and mysterious beauty. Behind the decrepit walls there is an untold story. Somewhere in history these stories were silenced and our beloved city has moved on. I highlight these stories in my paintings while illuminating beauty and hope within these broken walls. “

“I experiment with layers of thin washes and thick impasto to express the decay of these dying buildings. Within the process I find myself dancing with the wonders of  abstract expressionism and contemporary street art.”


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